Lancelot Andrewes Southwark and Newington Deanery


Dear sister and brother deanery synod members

First of all this comes with prayers and good wishes for all members during this difficult time. We know that all our churches in their different ways are supporting congregations and local communities in prayer and worship as well as acts of service. We thank God for that.

Secondly we want to tell you that although because of the lock down I (Fr Jonathan) have not been formally commissioned as area dean, Fr Andrew and I decided that I should now take up my new role. We hope that there will be an opportunity in the ‘not too distant future’ to celebrate Fr Andrew’s wonderful leadership over the last five years.

And thirdly to explain the impact of the lockdown on the process for electing a new deanery synod. As you know, we had been due to hold new deanery synod elections at the APCM’s which should have been taking place by now. We had therefore decided not to hold a deanery synod meeting until the new synod was in place in May or June. The Bishop has now set a new deadline for APCM’s to take place by the end of October and for the new deanery synod to begin from 1 December. So in the meantime, we all continue as members of deanery synod.

Whilst it does not seem practical to meet in the near future we would ask that all members do two things:

  • First and most important to continue to pray for our parishes, deanery and diocese and of course our communities.
  • Second to let either of us know (⦁ or ⦁ mob 07961869201) if you are aware of particular challenges that we may be able to help with or things that you would like us to pray for.

This is also an opportunity to share some news about the deanery. As some of you will know, very sadly the Rev’d Deepthi Wickremasinghe newly ordained curate at St Christopher’s Walworth died just before Easter after the very sudden return of an earlier illness.

Deepthi Wickremasinghe

Bishop Christopher led her funeral service with a small number of close family and friends on 28th April and many others shared in a virtual service led by Archdeacon Jane later that day. Her ministry was much appreciated at St Christopher’s.

Mother Ellen and Baby

On a much happier note, Mtr Ellen, Vicar of St Christopher’s gave birth to baby Alexander also just before Easter. So we pray especially for our brothers and sisters at St Christopher’s in both joy and grief.

We also welcome Fr Ian Mobsby to the deanery as Interim Rector of Christ Church, Blackfriars and we pray for him and sisters and brothers at Christ Church in the challenging task that lies ahead of them.

With our prayers and best wishes

The Rev’d Jonathan Sedgwick

(Area Dean of Southwark and Newington Rector of St George the Martyr

Keith Potter

(Lay Chair Southwark and Newington)

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