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Service for 11th Sunday after Trinity

Archdeacon - Service for 11th Sunday after Trinity

Dear Deanery Synod members and parishioners. Archdeacon Jane Steen has uploaded a service and sermon for this Sunday service for the 11th Sunday after Trinity. I have placed both into our YouTube account with a link for those who do not have a Dropbox account as the file is rather large.

I also attach a copy of the letter from Daniel Stone, Web Manager from the Diocese with the original links as a reference for this upload. 

Best wishes

Lancelot Andrewes Southwark and Newington Deanery


Dear All,

Below are the links to the Archdeacons’ Service and Sermon for Sunday 23 August, and the text of the sermon is attached to this email.

The Services will be streamed in full each Sunday on our Diocesan Youtube ( and Facebook ( platforms and available to rewatch, so please feel free to direct members of your congregation to either of those places. We also wanted to make the elements of these services available to you to download and make use of in your own Online Worship Service, if that’s something that you’re in a position to offer.

Sermon for 23 



Service for 23 


Best wishes,

Daniel Stone

Web Manager & Social Media Officer

The Diocese of Southwark