Lancelot Andrewes Southwark and Newington Deanery

Black History Month – Waiting to Exhale

Southwark Diocese in Partnership with Christian Aid Presents:

Waiting to Exhale

A day of Inspiring discussions about positive action on Black History and Environmental Justice

Saturday 3rd October 2020 10.30 -1.00pm via Zoom

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George Floyd’s life ended in six minutes because he couldn’t breathe. All around the world there are many black and brown people unable to breathe physically because of asthma, air pollution and holding their breath. They are unsure of how climate change will impact on their lives if the larger worldwide economies do not clean up their act. This is especially true in small island states but also in larger countries struggling under the impact of drought, floods and other natural disasters. We see and hear less from black and brown activists in this country. This interactive event enables us to showcase the distinctive contributions of black theologians, church leaders and youth activists to Climate Justice. We hope the learning shared will inspire Christians to see the difference their actions can make to the world.

This is a free online event led by The Diocese of Southwark and Christian Aid. It is an interactive event to shine a light into a particular facet of diocesan life and the way people of global majority heritage are involved.

This year the focus is on race and climate justice – joining up the issues of justice that underpin Black Lives Matter with an appreciation of the disproportionate impact of climate change on communities in the global south, and how we can take positive action together in the UK. It is also in recognition of the fact that we see and hear less from black and brown climate activists in this country and the matter is often subsumed under other issues that seem to gain more traction. This event will enable us to showcase such people, especially black theologians, church leaders and youth activists researching, writing and advocating on this issue to empower all of us to make a positive difference.

Why this theme:

– To provide insights into the distinctive contributions black voices have to make on Climate Justic

–  To recognise that the issue of climate justice and climate action is more than what we eat and lifestyle choice, and instead to focus on our global relationship and the impact we are having on the world

–  To celebrate and raise awareness that our actions in the global north will cause a reaction in the global south and ensure we are looking out for the wellbeing of those who are impacted by them.

–  To share learning that will inspire and assist Christians to see the difference their actions can make to the world.

Programme outline


Guests logging on (Allow time to settle) 

Welcome + Housekeeping + Icebreakers + Notices led by Archdeacon Rosemarie Mallet 

10.30 – 10.40am

Start with worship led by Bishop Christopher and bidding prayer by Pastor Alton

10. 45 – 11.00

Opening speech by Amanda Khozi Mukwashi – Christian Aid CEO (with reference to Poll)

Archdeacon Rosemarie Mallett to facilitate and introduce the importance of this topic for people of global majority heritage

11.00 – 11.45

Speaker Panel 

Moderators: Chine McDonald

Lead with more details of media poll highlighting the need for black voices on this issue in the movement 2-3 minute speaker slot

  • David Muir – Theologian & Chair of National Church Leaders Forum
  • The Venerable Rosemarie Mallet -Archdeacon of Croydon
  • Sarah-Jane Nii-Adjei – Climate Justice Church Programme Manager, Christian Aid
  • Revd Wale Hudson – Equalities Lead, Baptist Union
  • Richard Reddie – Director of Justice and Inclusion at Churches Together in Britain andNorthern Ireland (CTBI)
  • Pastor Marcus Chilaka – Assistant Provincial Pastor and Ecumenical lead RCCG

PAUSE (Comfort Break)

11.55 – 12.40

Breakout Rooms and themes

Quite often we choose an event workshop we know something about. In the spirit of openness, shared learning and thinking outside the box, we felt that by being randomly allocated to any workshop, gives us a chance to learn something new outside of our usual experience and area of interest. At most see the interconnectedness of these issues to our area of interest and experiences.

On this basis, we are going to randomly allocated you to a workshop. We hope you enjoy the session led by our excellent facilitators and speakers.

Theme One: History of climate injustice and learning

This session will set the theme for the way in which climate change has affected black communities in the global south and the global north, featuring panellist’s own climate stories

Facilitators: Croydon MEACC Chairs and Arch Deacon Rosemarie Mallet

  • Revd Israel Olofinjana – Director at Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World & Senior Pastor Woolwich Central Baptist Church
  • Pastor Alton Bell – Senior Pastor, Wembley Family Church
  • Radhika Bynon -Climate activist at Green Christians & Director of Programmes; People and Places, Young Foundation

Theme Two: Young people and climate action

Facilitators: Kingston MEACC and Sarah Jane

The power of our prophetic voice and taking an intergenerational approach towards positive climate action

  • Seyi Odejukun – Youth Prophetic Activist, Christian Aid
  • Perk Pomeyie – National Co-ordinator Ghana Youth Environmental Movement

Theme Three: Going beyond stewardship for the common good, with a focus on linkages between the global south and global north

Facilitated by Dr David Muir

  • Revd Wale Hudson-Roberts – Equalities Lead, Baptist Union
  • Bob Kikuyu – Senior Advisor Theology and Church Partnership, Christian Aid Kenya

Exploring the ways in which we take practical action and can make our demand for structural changes to create a legacy that uses environmental resource to benefits the community Get people to share their views on what they are going to

  • Start doing
  • Continue doing
  • Stop doing to create radical change

Theme four: Our Health and Wellbeing Matters

Facilitators: Woolwich MEACC and Pastor Marcus Chilaka RCCG

BAME communities are disproportionately affected by impacts of Covid 19 and climate change. We live in socially and economically deprived areas that can make us prone to things that are airborne and COVID has brought to the surface the health inequalities affecting our communities.

How can we safeguard our health and wellbeing during this ongoing global crisis?

12.40 – 1.00pm

Closing plenary with feedback from sessions.

Facilitated by Archdeacon Rosemarie and Chine McDonald

Keynotes and resources will be circulated in an email after the event