Lancelot Andrewes Southwark and Newington Deanery

Trip for Young People – Birmingham

Birmingham Library

TRIP FOR YOUNG PEOPLE:  12th April 2022

We will meet at Euston in the railway station concourse between 0900 and 0930.

We will catch the Euston fast train to Birmingham leaving at 0943 and arriving 1107.

The details of the visit will be finalised on 13 March by the meeting of young people. We can go to:

  • The Birmingham University campus
  • Birmingham Cathedral
  • The Theatre, Symphony Hall and Library area 
  • The Art Gallery and Museum
  • The city centre 
  • Gas Street Basin canal area
  • Science museum
  • And other ideas you have

We will come back on the fast train from Birmingham leaving at 1650 and arriving at Euston 1816.

We will return to Kennington Tube station 1830-1900

This event will cost each young person £10 the full cost is being subsidised by money from the wider church. You will need to bring some food and some spending money.

To take part in the trip you must have been part of the meeting on 13th March 2022 4-6pm

Read this:

‘Children have the least to gain and most to lose from school closures. This pandemic has seen an unprecedented transfer of harm and costs from elderly socioeconomically privileged people to disadvantaged children.’ (British Medical Journal 23 February 2021) 

Our churches can help by offering better work with young people.